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That’s right, now we are on Tumblr as “DMH-Assignments” we can not assure how active we will be there, we imagine that everything will depend on the receptivity of people which until now have been fantastic. One thing is certain, for now we will continue taking orders only through the 3 usual ways that are: Website. Facebook and instagram.

We take this opportunity to review our official links on the different promotional platforms we use:

DMH website: here you can make your homework request .


Facebook page: from here we also take orders through the direct messages or fb messenger.


Instagram: as we mentioned before this is another way through which you can make your Homework request. You can follow us @Homeworkslaves


Twitter: Our twitter is @Homework_dmh


Pinterest: Basically a collage of some of our promotions redirected to one place.


Twitch: Sometimes we broadcast live a publicity of our Homework resolution service and follow everyone back.


Finally to summarize, our name in social networks is always accompanied with our logo and our acronym D.M.H. (Do My Homework) which sometimes we write grammatically incorrect as “Do my Homeworks” when the user name or URL for the previous one has already been taken. The exception in all this is our instagram account: @HomeworkSlaves and that is because (Homework slaves) was going to be the name of our website but that is a long and boring story.

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Doing your Homework on Instagram

DMH blog

Do My Homework, the best service of Tasks and Assignments for all educational levels now has a new means of attention to it’s users.

Yes, Now you can not only order Assignment and make inquiries from our Facebook page or from our website but now you can also do the same from Instagram through our only official account from which we serve users from all over the world and in our two usual languages (English and Spanish).

As for our twitter account, in some way it is still in rotation with the publicity of our service but we do not want to create a bad habit serving users in a social network that can eliminate accounts overnight, remember that our twitter account To attend to our Spanish-speaking users, it was suspended at a time when I was inactive, in short, that is a new method of customer service and new means of payment at the end of your choice.

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Mail.com doesn’t want us to do your homework


It is a bit embarrassing for us as a company to write about this incident, but in order to maintain the transparency that characterizes us and in order to increase the trust that our clients place in us it is our duty to tell you about the events that happened last week:

We’re talking you about the decision of the company Mail.com to suspend the email account with which our company DMH (Do my Homework) provided the service of deliveries of orders and communications with customers who make inquiries or orders from our main site DomyHomeworks (since they also do it from our Facebook Page).

The email address in question was the following DMH@instructor.com which is suspended and blocked forever despite we tried to get some explanation from the people of mail.com but their response was that our email account will remain suspended without exposing any reason, that’s the german way we assume, the account was suspended within minutes of sending a response to a client, so we do not know if he received it or not, and we try to communicate immediately through a staff personal email account with the client in question explaining what happened, and understanding us in the statement that we understand his possible decision to forget the request for the nebulous situation, receiving 2 responses from one address and another from a personal email account.


Of course the order was in the process of consultation so it was not an order as such but a Consultation and no deposit was made by our potential client, was a new client, and we regret it more for the bad impression that he got of our company that for the $ 20 that he offered us for that job. From DMH our sincere apologies and we hope that you have passed your physics exam, we know your email address and we feel so bad that we offer you a coupon of 1 free assignment to change that bad image that we gave you in case you are reading this post.


Obviously we could not afford a corporate mail server, the most profitable way is to do it through the host of your website if you have one payment and among the public options of mail servers the one that offered a more “corporate” domain and that was more convenient for us It was mail.com since it has a huge variety of domains and the one that went the most with our service was that of @instructor.com.

Mail.com Bye Bye Privacy on my Mail Box

It was a bad decision and we had to consider aspects of transcendental importance in this work, such as PRIVACY, something that Mail.com lacks, we do not know if it is because they’re German (we love all our Germans clients). It is their problem if they use mail.com, after all is your content and your privacy and you decide the hands of whoever puts them or at least you should.

I’m telling you, because in another way they knew what we were doing, and not only that, but they memorized and filed our IP to see if we created another account to eliminate it immediately, How far are  they  willing to cross a Line like privacy to protect what they consider correct?

In the next few days we will be announcing the email address that we will use to serve customers who place orders or inquiries from DomyHomework, until then we will be taking orders from our Facebook page.