Not attended Requests during March and April – April Newsletter

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April 2019 Newsletter
During the months of March and April, our service experienced failures that fortunately didn’t end in Tasks not delivered but in Orders without responding, accepting or rejecting due to power failures and the serious situation that exists in Venezuela, a country where several of our workers or tutors live.

As an employer and as head of this website, it is my duty to inform that these problems have been solved and that we will continue to provide support to our Venezuelan workers who have taken this website forward with their excellent work from the very beginning.

At the same time, we will try to expand our staff of tutors in different locations to serve more and more users worldwide.

New announcements will be given at the end of the month, so stay tuned to our social networks.


To our Haters:

Teachers, exemplary students who doesn’t want to see others achieve their same achievements without deserving it, DoMyHomeworks is more than just doing homework, we deliver it in an explanatory format that illustrates the procedure of the exercises, the kids learn without having to fail. In addition Our services in some cases (Math, Physics, Algebra etc.) are limited to solving exercises in the way described above, those exercises may come from a homework sometimes its truth, but we also have Online tutoring or Homework Helps.

Finally,  you know your  educational system better than anyone else and also know that it is impossible to pass only with homework or home assignments . If the kids learn from the homework that we send and that allows them to pass their exams while their homework is done, I don’t  see the problem if in the end they end up being prepared then we should all be happy.

Finally, as an inhabitant of one of the poorest countries in the world I the creator of this website ask you this: if you are going to attack my livelihood again at least leave a donation to pay for something to eat for me and my family. Thanks!

Twitter wants you to do your homework

Apparently if you do not have enough money to pay for a private domain, then twitter blocks your link with this scary message, especially for new customers or potential customers who are discouraged to see that hoax that makes our website look like a threat .

On our website we will never ask you for personal details of any kind, the payments are made through a paypal donation button, so do not be fooled by the paranoia of twitter that in the absence of methods to detect truly malicious sites they proceed arbitrarily crushing the small websites, and this has happened when we were about to pay a private domain, after this hard blow it is best to wait to have a slightly higher level of growth and evaluate the consequences and influence that this outrage from twitter may have had in our regular customers, to whom we ask for understanding and trust in us, that we will continue to provide our services in the same way that we have been doing.