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That’s right, now we are on Tumblr as “DMH-Assignments” we can not assure how active we will be there, we imagine that everything will depend on the receptivity of people which until now have been fantastic. One thing is certain, for now we will continue taking orders only through the 3 usual ways that are: Website. Facebook and instagram.

We take this opportunity to review our official links on the different promotional platforms we use:

DMH website: here you can make your homework request .


Facebook page: from here we also take orders through the direct messages or fb messenger.


Instagram: as we mentioned before this is another way through which you can make your Homework request. You can follow us @Homeworkslaves


Twitter: Our twitter is @Homework_dmh


Pinterest: Basically a collage of some of our promotions redirected to one place.


Twitch: Sometimes we broadcast live a publicity of our Homework resolution service and follow everyone back.


Finally to summarize, our name in social networks is always accompanied with our logo and our acronym D.M.H. (Do My Homework) which sometimes we write grammatically incorrect as “Do my Homeworks” when the user name or URL for the previous one has already been taken. The exception in all this is our instagram account: @HomeworkSlaves and that is because (Homework slaves) was going to be the name of our website but that is a long and boring story.

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What the frick Yahoo #DoMyHomework

wtf yahoo

Another obstacle, the second problem in terms of email but fortunately it is not a definitive block and we still can keep sending messages to customers with emails from yahoo.

We remind you that Facebook Messenger also allows to attach files so it is no problem for us to deliver your assignments there. Anyway, that blockage was just an isolated incident in which we had to make a quick correction and as the client did not do the revision request through his email but from FB messenger where we had previously contacted and then we ended up sending two emails to the same recipient with two different subjects but apparently attaching the same file that was not the same since despite having the same title it had been modified.

We take the opportunity to thank the trust you have placed in us and we are glad to answer them as we have done so far, thank you very much for trusting us despite not having the structure of our competition, nor their budget, our staff guarantees us to be able to provide a better service, the most versatile in the market and at the best price.

We will continue to improve the structure of course and continue to grow more without sacrificing our excellent service.

In the end everything was just a little scare and we can continue sending assignments attached by mail (yahoo included), by Facebook messenger, through links from Google drive or google docs, the paths are endless but we have the tools to overcome them all.

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Doing your Homework on Instagram

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Do My Homework, the best service of Tasks and Assignments for all educational levels now has a new means of attention to it’s users.

Yes, Now you can not only order Assignment and make inquiries from our Facebook page or from our website but now you can also do the same from Instagram through our only official account from which we serve users from all over the world and in our two usual languages (English and Spanish).

As for our twitter account, in some way it is still in rotation with the publicity of our service but we do not want to create a bad habit serving users in a social network that can eliminate accounts overnight, remember that our twitter account To attend to our Spanish-speaking users, it was suspended at a time when I was inactive, in short, that is a new method of customer service and new means of payment at the end of your choice.

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New payment methods for you #DoMyHomework

pagos DMH

Greetings folks, we are pleased to announce that Do My Homework, our tutoring service and resolution of Assignments has new payment methods so now you can cancel by the method of your choice. Here is the list of payment processors:

  • Paypal: as reliable as always, we keep receiving payments through paypal, it’s just that now we added more options for our users.


  • Bitcoin: We receive the most important cryptocurencies through our wallet, not just bitcoin, you can select Bitcoin in the query form (“Homework request”) or you can check before ordering on our Facebook page which is where we respond most often queries more than just “Homework requests” or orders.


  • Skrill: This payment processor with low fees  very interesting.


  • Uphold: Similar to AirTM we also have this payment processor for all our users.


  • Amazon Gift Cards: At the request of our users, now making payments for your assignments with amazon gift cards is a reality.

Those are all the options for our users, each one with its advantages so that everyone chooses the one they want.

Payments will be managed through email or Facebook  message by sending our data (address or wallet) so that you can make the payment after your Homework request has been accepted.

As for the refunds there are not many changes, we collaborate as always reimbursing directly with paypal and if the payment processor does not have a system to cancel the payment, then we can only return the amount received (without the entry fee) more information here.

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Not attended Requests during March and April – April Newsletter

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April 2019 Newsletter
During the months of March and April, our service experienced failures that fortunately didn’t end in Tasks not delivered but in Orders without responding, accepting or rejecting due to power failures and the serious situation that exists in Venezuela, a country where several of our workers or tutors live.

As an employer and as head of this website, it is my duty to inform that these problems have been solved and that we will continue to provide support to our Venezuelan workers who have taken this website forward with their excellent work from the very beginning.

At the same time, we will try to expand our staff of tutors in different locations to serve more and more users worldwide.

New announcements will be given at the end of the month, so stay tuned to our social networks.

DMH = HMT #HazMiTarea


As we have already announced by other means officially, our website DMH Domyhomework has a site in Spanish for users who need Homework resolution in Spain and Latin America and also in the United States of America. Since the beginning we were working on that and we have specialized personnel to serve Spanish-speaking users in all our services with an additional one that is the English Task for those students who take classes in English as a second language or foreign language.

The system is simple our official site DMH detects the configuration of your browser and if your language is Spanish you will be redirected to the Spanish version of our website = HazMitarea.

That’s all we just wanted to leave by written this here at our official blog.

DMH season 208-2019


It’s been a while since our last post but we’re still standing at the beginning of a new school year and that’s why we wanted to come here a show to all of you the exciting things that we have for you in this season 2018-2019:

New email:

You all know about the issues we had last year with our email provider, and we yeah we forgot to make an official statement about the topic on this blog but the regular customers already know our new email address:  this is  the email  through which we are doing the deliveries, answering to your contacts and confirming and denying orders. It’s sad but we still can not afford a business email address and we pay the price for it with some confirmed orders which doesn’t end in a final payment after we send the confirmation email, but we just want to help you guys with the resources that we have right now.

Website in Spanish:

we are about to launch the Spanish version of our website to provide a platform in their own language to all of those customers from Spain and Latin America as well. But again all the answers and deliveries via email are gonna be made through the same email address for both sites: .

Promotions and freebies:

once a month we are going to be making a Homework Give away through our twitter account but only for our followers on instagram and twitter of course, so make sure you are following us on twitter: @Homework_dmh and do the same on our instagram account: @homeworkslaves and keep an eye on our publicationswill be explained at the time by this blog and the aforementioned ways (twitter and IG).