To our Haters:

Teachers, exemplary students who doesn’t want to see others achieve their same achievements without deserving it, DoMyHomeworks is more than just doing homework, we deliver it in an explanatory format that illustrates the procedure of the exercises, the kids learn without having to fail. In addition Our services in some cases (Math, Physics, Algebra etc.) are limited to solving exercises in the way described above, those exercises may come from a homework sometimes its truth, but we also have Online tutoring or Homework Helps.

Finally,  you know your  educational system better than anyone else and also know that it is impossible to pass only with homework or home assignments . If the kids learn from the homework that we send and that allows them to pass their exams while their homework is done, I don’t  see the problem if in the end they end up being prepared then we should all be happy.

Finally, as an inhabitant of one of the poorest countries in the world I the creator of this website ask you this: if you are going to attack my livelihood again at least leave a donation to pay for something to eat for me and my family. Thanks!


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